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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you don't find the answer that you're looking for here, please contact us for more information.

Are the files really free?
Most of the files on our site are free to use for both personal and commercial use.

What are the terms of use?
Most of our files are free to use for personal and commercial uses, however, you must check the license of each file you download and abide by their terms of use. Often, some of these may require a link back or some other type of attribution. There may also be restrictions on some of these files, such as limiting their use to personal uses and other terms. If no terms are listed, it means we have no information about their use. Please attempt to contact the authors at your own discretion. We have no further information on the files other than what’s listed here.

Why do I see commercial resources listed along free downloads?
We feature sometimes commercial files along our free files which link to our partner sites where you could purchase these.

Who designed these files?
Our site features a combination of files from different designers around the world, along our own exclusive files, designed by our own team of graphic designers.

Why can’t I download more than 50 files a day?
To prevent abuse, we limit the number of downloads per user per day. If you reached your quota for the day, please come back tomorrow or another day to download more files.

I cannot download the files
It's possible that you have a download manager installed in your browser. Please check this and disable your download manager and the download should then work successfully.

Can I distribute your files through my own website or any other way?
You are welcome to link to the the page on our website displaying the files, in order to direct others to download them. Hot-linking our images or linking directly to the download link is not allowed.

About copyright
All sources listed on the site are believed to be in the public domain. If you are the copyright owner of any content which appears on our website and you do not wish to authorize us to continue to use said content, or if you are requesting us to remove a specific file that you have authority over; you must notify us in writing in order for us to identify the allegedly infringing content so that we may investigate and take any necessary action including the removal or modification of said content. See our full DMCA page here.